There are so many moving pieces for all restoration projects, and there are several places where people can drop the ball and communication can suffer. When communication falters it causes unnecessary problems and stress. During any restoration project managing expectations and communicating properly with all parties involved is the single most important factor for project management success.

There are two types of communication that deserve attention. The first is the internal communications of your office and the second is the external communications with customers and insurance agents and adjusters. It is critical to make sure everyone is on the same page, job status updates are communicated and documentation is organized and delivered at the right time.

It’s easy to see why real time communication is important, but it’s a little more challenging to know exactly how you go about improving communication during restoration projects. Here are just a couple tips to improve the way your team communicates.

Real time communication through mobile

Be sure that your team is clear on what is expected of them and then make sure they have the tools to do the job. By leveraging mobile apps such DASH, restoration companies can easily share important information and connect internal and external claims participants in real time.

Mobile technologies allow project managers the ability to communicate to technicians accurate job requirements expectations of the job as well as communicate to the client what they can expect.

In today’s face paced environment, restoration companies have their teams spread out, with either different office locations, remote staff, and more. Because of these challenges, today’s employees expect to have full access to real-time information at a moment’s notice. Mobile technologies enable companies to keep their employees well-connected and informed at all times.

Take Advantage of Software

The right technological tools can help aid communication when access to information is simple and readily available. DASH provides all of the stakeholders of a restoration project instant access from their mobile devices or laptops to view job information in real time. DASH puts important job updates, photos, notes, and documents at your fingertips at all times.

When communications break down between restoration companies and their clients, emotions escalate and problems are compounded. Sharing digital documentation is a critical part of communicating as it keeps everyone on the same page with undisputed facts.

DASH, a cloud-based restoration software management program, can be a key element of improved communications improving overall efficiency. By providing your employees with the right training, resources, and tools to communicate effectively, you can avoid issues and conflicts and focus on improving relationships to grow your business.