The restoration business is all about efficiency. Customers who mandate restoration contractors for mitigation or reconstruction purposes have just suffered a loss and want their lives returned to normal as quickly as possible. This is always a big challenge for restoration companies who need to manage both homeowner expectations and carrier pricing service requirements. That really means doing quality work within a pre-set financial and scheduling timeframe. More than ever, restoration companies need to optimize their business in order to maximize efficiency.

In today’s digital world, this often means investing in a cloud based job management software such as DASHto streamline business operations and increase scalability. More importantly, the job management software needs to also have a fully-fledged mobile application to enable real time data acquisition for field workers.

“The restoration business is entirely too complex to leave important matters to a human brain.”

Free up space on your mental hard drive

The restoration industry is too complex to leave important matters to just pen and paper or the human brain. Multiple job sites, different loss types, a variety of schedules to accommodate, reporting requirements, different clients with a variety of needs and desires. All of which can be hard to manage if you are not organized or rely on your mental hard drive to track and sort everything. This is why using a cloud based job management platform such as DASH will free up space on your mental hard drive and cut out the cumbersome paper. DASH’s workflow manager keeps you organized by better managing your time and priorities. When you improve the workflow process and automate task management, you increase productivity and ultimately free up time. This allows for reduced stress, happier staff, better customer service, and happier customers.

Join the mobile workforce

A great job management software needs to be more than just a cloud based platform. Specifically, in this day and age, it needs to be available on mobile devices with a fully native application. Smartphones are everywhere these days, with Intuit having found that around 43 percent of small business owners rely on one in order to conduct business.

On top of that, field workers benefit immensely from being able to access important functionalities and job information through a native app. Managing resources and completing important tasks through their mobile devices allows them to communicate better with office staff. Allowing them to capture or complete important information through the app in real time allows for greater data integrity. Keeping everyone informed is the best way to optimize operations, and doing so is infinitely easier with a cloud based job management platform that works on mobile devices.

Workers need all the information they can get onsite.
Getting resources will drastically improve efficiency.

DASH solves that!

The restoration business is hard enough without having to personally keep track of all the details needed to finish each job. Bringing your data to a cloud-based platform is one of the best ways to optimize efficiency. In fact, it’s something that just about everyone else is doing. The same Intuit study found that just under 80 percent of small businesses will have completely moved to the cloud by the time 2020 rolls around.

Clearly, organizations from all industries are seeing the amazing advantages of cloud solutions. Bringing this technology to a mobile platform only allows for a wider distribution of information, which breaks down information silos and increases efficiency. Optimizing your restoration business will allow you more time to handle more work with less stress. We invite you to contact a DASH specialist today and find out what technology can do for you and your organization.