Restoration contractors spend a lot of their day mitigating and managing losses. As service providers, they understand the customer is pivotal to their success. However, one area that restorers can’t forget is focusing on the trust and accountability factor.

In the Property and Casualty industry, restorers handle a lot of time-sensitive jobs, as well as sensitive information. While this demand puts a lot of stress on restorers, they still need to be accountable to both carriers and their customers to help them rest easy.

Always be one step ahead
Restorers have to understand that the industry has changed dramatically with new technology and will continue to change as carriers start moving away from legacy systems. When it comes to technology, having a simple approach to software adoption and usage could put your business in hot water. With the massive amount of cyber attacks and data breaches, there’s no reason why even the smallest restorers out there shouldn’t do everything they can to be one step ahead of hackers.

“Cutting corners with your technology only increases the chances of your data leaking.”

Data should be secured, shared on trusted networks, and given access to only those who need it. Furthermore, sharing log-ins, passwords or other sensitive information puts your business at risk, Bulletproof, a cloud-managing firm reported. Instead, companies have to lay out clear policies for storing and handling sensitive information. Cutting corners with restoration technology only increases the chances that your sensitive data could be leaked into other’s hands.

Choosing technology for the future
To think of immediate solutions, you also need to consider which technology adoptions will help you in the future. Changing software or customer-based platforms can quickly turn into an expensive venture that will likely not help you even five years down the line.

However, having technology that is scalable and can change with your company and clients’ needs will keep your company ahead of the curve. This will help increase your accountability and operational efficiency which in turn promotes business growth, all while keeping your data and your clients’ data secure.

DASH View is one of DASH Enterprise’s most unique and powerful tools. It allows an office the ability to share information about a specific job with a customer through an email link. This email link allows the customer to review specifics about the job they are associated with including information about dates, job details, insurance, the broker or agent, the adjusters, the property manager, photos and non-confidential notes. It gives the customer, insurance agent or adjuster the ability to know what is going on with the job they are associated with without having to call or email the service provider. It makes for a better relationship between the two and increases workflow efficiency.

Having your crews access critical worksite information in real time from their smart devices makes it easy to create more accountability and build trust with your customers. Decisions in the field can be made quicker and delays can be avoided with this immediate access to job information. Having everyone more closely involved also helps increase accountability for each person and your business, Construction Business Owner magazine reported.

When you meet with clients and propose timelines, job details and insurance claims handling, you want to make sure you follow through with the entire project. Adopting this mentality will only help you make your restoration business that much more successful.