The demand for transparency has never been more important to a successful business model. The days of chasing paper, carrying file folders or logging information on spreadsheets are becoming obsolete. No longer can companies afford to reshape information, or bury it in filing cabinets for no one to access or see. The only way to break down the walls and open communication channels is to leverage real time cloud technology. Thankfully, there’s restoration management software that helps you accomplish all of this.

Keep track of each job’s finer details

Keeping up with service requirements for each client or carrier can be a difficult task to manage. Without a way to simplify and automate the workflow and job process often results in tasks slipping through the cracks. For this very reason, Next Gear created the DASH Enterprise Work Flow Builder. This feature allows for greater job involvement from all internal claims participants. The workflow builder allows for more automation and simplicity by allowing for better claims compliance. It becomes easy to track and monitor performance on each job because the workflow builder can be configured for any loss type, loss category, or client. It also notifies specific people if a task is completed or not.

The cloud ensures you don’t lose data (or your hair)

“Losing important data is a maddening experience.”

Losing important data is a frustrating experience. Not only do you have to go through the ordeal of recollecting all of that information, but you’ll also most likely never be able to completely replicate the data’s integrity. This is skipping over the man hours and productivity you’re going to lose as a result of having to start from scratch.


Although businesses should always invest in backups, data safety can be seriously boosted simply by moving to the cloud. Due to the fact that the information stored on the cloud is kept on an outside server, rather than on a company-owned computer, the likelihood of a disaster destroying the data is severely reduced. The companies that house this data know how important it is, and they can take precautionary steps that you simply can’t. In fact, Americans simply feel better about their information that’s stored in the cloud. A survey from Statista found that 41 percent of respondents received “peace of mind” by keeping data backups in the cloud. Your company’s information is at the heart of its success, and putting that data into a cloud-based platform like DASH can help ensure its safety.

The cloud can house important information.
The cloud can ensure you have your most important data when you need it.

Access information on the go

Mobility is hugely important for contractors and other workers within the restoration industry. In fact, a survey from Equipment World found that 95 percent of smartphone-owning contractors use their device to look up information regarding the equipment they’re using on the job site.

Clearly, staying informed while working is a major benefit of mobile technology. Simply having this data on hand at any time can help increase the quality of the work while decreasing the amount of hair you pull out, which is why every restoration management software should have a mobile option. DASH Mobile isn’t just an afterthought, it’s a fully-fledged mobile solution that can help ensure you have the information you need regardless of where you are.