The restoration industry is constantly evolving, and contractors have the responsibility to stay on par with the latest industry standards all while trying to remain profitable in a highly competitive field. Forward thinking restoration contractors understand the need to streamline their operations with technology in order stay relevant. Without adapting to the changing landscape, business and profits will ultimately dwindle. However, using technology can increase accountability, profitability and transparency within the day to day business operations.

A company’s success with technology will depend on how business leaders can take action and commit to embracing the change within their organization. According to the Cloud Accountability Project, whether it’s regulators, insurance compliance agents or a contractor’s staff, a chain of accountability through a cloud environment will connect each party with the necessary data and information. Ensuring that information flows continuously within the organization to key stakeholders. Further, cloud supported software will also yield better data and business intelligence. This only reinforces the crucial role that technology continues to play in today’s ever-changing industry.

To implement a successful chain of accountability, it comes down to developing a clear process of identifying who is accountable for what job or task in the entire workflow. When people understand their role in the accountability chain, work is typically completed on time. Having more efficient processes will also eliminate the additional administrative burdens that contractors incur to ensure certain tasks get completed on time. Instead, all of these actionable tasks and monitors can be automated by restoration management software such as DASH. By using DASH’s workflow builder and compliance manager, restoration companies will increase the overall accountability on a each job and give themselves more control over their operations.

Increasing your profitability

Technology not only helps businesses remain relevant and compliant with industry requirements and standards, but more importantly increases efficiency by supporting effective processes. There’s plenty of evidence to support how technology can increase overall profitability. By eliminating duplication of work, ineffective administrative tasks and time lost searching for vital information. There exist a high cost to all the inefficiencies contractors face with antiquated systems and processes. Getting work done in real time cuts out this time wasted on getting everyone updated on a project or tracking information down. The restoration industry presents contractors with a number of challenges, but the good news is DASH can solve a lot of those challenges for you.