Most everyone has heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder,” but what does that truly mean? It’s the idea that you can get what you want out of your business if you work hard at it. According to Inc. Magazine, while you can work hard, you can’t always work harder. However, you can almost always still find a way to work smarter.

Specifically in the restoration industry, contractors juggle numerous jobs and handle massive amounts of paperwork from insurance companies to get paid for the work they’ve completed. At the same time, this causes restorers to wear many hats, which means it’s easy to work hard.

Restoration contractors know the industry is demanding, and working harder isn’t always an option. However, when you work smarter, you’re likely to reduce errors, streamline job details and keep customers happy. The restoration industry is very competitive, which means you have to be smarter about your business to see it succeed.

Eliminate ‘too busy’ from your vocabulary
When natural disasters strike, people need their homes and businesses restored immediately. This makes for a very time-sensitive industry, which is why it’s essential to be on top of things as a restorer. According to blog Life Hacker, busy can sometimes turn into an excuse for not communicating, connecting or interacting effectively.

Try eliminating the phrase “too busy” from your work vocabulary so you don’t end up using excuses instead of trying to figure out how to work smarter. This isn’t to demean anyone’s work schedule, but instead, to eliminate reasons why not to work smarter.

By operating in the cloud, you can reduce the amount of work and focus on efficiency.
By operating in the cloud, you can reduce the amount of work and focus on efficiency.

When you use a platform like DASH, you’re not only freeing up more time in the day with an all-in-one client management system, you’re reducing the need to say “I’m too busy.”

Additionally, DASH’s cloud-based system allows you to connect and interact with clients faster. This means you can send job details or photos of the job site to clients to keep them up to date.

“By cutting out excess work, you’re working smarter with your time to get jobs done faster.”

Cut out the unnecessary tasks
In comparison to cloud-storage platforms, it’s much easier to misplace a file if you’re still dealing with paper documents. Additionally, working from a physical office creates a lot of back and forth traveling from clients to a job work site and back to the office. If you worked with a mobile platform to take your office with you in the field, you can eliminate several unnecessary tasks that cause delays each day. By cutting out the excess work, you’re working much smarter with your time and resources to get jobs done faster.

You have to consider what will have a greater impact in your field. Restorers need to be able to work remotely in a pinch and have easy access to job details and insurance forms. Using a platform like DASH gives you a smarter way to go about your business and put more effort into more important tasks throughout the day.

Be on top of your operations
One of the best things about adopting a cloud-based platform is that it allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the company. By being on top of your operations, you can identify problems faster and see your job statuses in real time.

While keeping track of your company is essential, you want to make sure you don’t work too hard and burn out. Instead of doing everything manually yourself, DASH can help you manage and organize without the stress of feeling like you doing everything on your own.