When Grandpa said “time is money,” he was right. A recent Proudfoot Consulting survey which polled 2,500 businesses in 39 countries found out if don’t use your time efficiently, you lose money. A lot of it. According to the poll, inefficient use of time in the UK cost businesses almost $97 billion. Inefficiency is a growth killer. For restoration companies looking to grow their business, they must evaluate their performance and come up with strategies that will increase their productivity in 2017. If you haven’t thought about how you could improve, don’t worry. We’ve got a suggestion. Consider choosing a restoration management software for your company. It could save you time and money.

Avoid the Inefficiency Trap

When we talk about inefficient use of time, we’re not just talking about wasting time by doing nothing. Being inefficient simply means spending time on work that is not a good use of your time, like having to enter information twice, responding to non-important emails, doing tasks that could have been automated, or attending meetings that could have been avoided. These are the types of activities that, although necessary, could be costing your company money if it takes you away from more important and profitable tasks.

Imagine you’re spending two or more hours a day on inefficient tasks. By the end of the year you would have spent more than 260 hours of your time on inefficient administrative work. Now imagine what you could do for your company if you were able to free up that 260 hours! You could market your company, look for new clients, and spend time thinking about ways to cut costs. You could use your time to help your company make money instead of spending it on daily administrative tasks.

Save Time and Money

So how do you free up this time? Restoration management software is a cloud-based software that streamlines your business activities and make them easier and less time consuming.

Think about how much time you spend on a daily basis communicating with insurance adjusters, property managers, your employees, and other claims participants. Communication is key, yes, but it is also time consuming. On any given day, you could spend two or more hours looking up information or sharing it with concerned parties. Restoration management software like DASH takes care of this issue for you. All of the important information about your project is stored in the software. All you have to do is e-mail a link providing information so that the necessary parties can directly access it. They’ll now be able to get the information they need, when they need it, without you having to spend time on the phone or sending emails. By using restoration management software to house your project’s information and communicate that information, you just gained time back in your day to handle other tasks that could help you grow your business.

Another benefit of cloud-based software is its accessibility. DASH in particular has a native app built specifically for your mobile device. You can access and input information about your project no matter where you are. In the old days when you arrived at a loss, you took pictures with a digital camera, wrote notes and sketched the loss on a notepad, then traveled back to the office to transfer all of that information into a computer. Now with DASH mobile, you can take photos, voice transcribe your notes into your phone, and update job statuses all from the mobile app, while at the work site. The time you saved on these critical tasks frees you up to do things like search for new clients, market your business, or figure out how to cut costs. Now you’re able to spend more time on activities that will make your company money.

Restoration management software can take other activities such as accounting, job scheduling, and job estimating, and streamline them so that they cost you less time. The most profitable businesses streamline the basic work activities, and then then focus on building the company and boosting their bottom line. A tool like DASH might be what you need in 2017 to help you grow your business. If time is money, are you spending it wisely?