Adopting technology or introducing technological change into your restoration company presents a set of challenges that can’t be ignored. It’s easy to get excited about all of the ways innovations in technology can streamline productivity and organize information, not to mention save time and money. However, getting everybody on board can take some time and finesse.

Realize that asking employees to embrace new things can be uncomfortable and scary for them. It’s not uncommon to hear things such as “I’m too old to do that” or “my old way is faster.” You may even deal with employees who flat out refuse to try to implement new things.

Don’t worry, all of these objections can be overcome, it just may require some time and effort as you take on the role of cheerleader and trainer. If members of your team are struggling to “get on board” with new technology and join you in the 21st century, then identify the root of their hesitation and start there.

Build Confidence – Take Things One Step at a Time

Let’s face it, when a person has been doing the same job for a long time it’s easy to become comfortable. The instant new technology is introduced fear sets in and doubts begin to overtake their minds and confidence. When you mess with their system of doing things they will resist, even if there is a better way.

So take things slow. For example, if you are introducing DASH to your technicians don’t throw the kitchen sink at them. It is a robust program and it may overwhelm them. Teach them one or two things at a time and give them time to get comfortable with those things. Let them start using features that are easy to understand and can make their job easier. As they start to gain confidence in a couple features, they will recognize the potential of others and want to explore and learn more.

Excitement Creates Momentum

Let employees be a part of the excitement that change can bring. Organizing piles and files of paperwork for documentation is a part of the job and probably not anyone’s favorite. Let your techs see you get excited about leaving the old ways behind, recognize employees who complete documentation in less time using DryTrack and let them rally other team members. Identify the champions on your team and others will begin to follow their lead.