When it comes to running your business more efficiently, having the right job management software in your back pocket can be the difference between higher profits and happier employees or headaches and lost documentation. There are several job management software options available today, ranging from generic project management software to industry-specific software. So how do you know what will be the best fit your business?

Industry-specific software has many benefits – often measurable – over generic software. If you are considering a new job management software, industry-specific job management software can help you get more jobs, grow your profits, and more accurately track the financial health of your business.

Track and Measure Job Profitability

Do you know what jobs are your most profitable, and which ones you might be taking a loss on? What about those jobs where unexpected costs arise, or where small costs aren’t accurately tracked, directly affecting your bottom line? Industry-specific job management software enables you to effectively track job costs, ensuring all your jobs are budgeted for properly and accurately.

Being able to identify which jobs are profitable and which ones might be chewing through your revenues helps you make important business decisions that will help your business grow and remain profitable.

Accurate Forecasting

It’s no secret in the restoration business that a big job can mean big money, but that revenue from that job isn’t likely to be available until well after the job is completed. In times like these, industry-specific software can help compute data to create accurate forecasts for your business so you can more effectively manage your budget.

Improve Efficiency

One of the major benefits of using industry-specific job management software is that the software is intuitive to your industry. Simple tasks are streamlined, communications are improved, and the information you need is easily accessible. Because the software was designed from the ground up with your industry in mind, you can expect it to work for you, not against you.

Mobile Capabilities

When considering industry-specific job management software, it’s always important to consider how you intend to use the software – and where. Generic job management software may be lacking in mobile functionality, requiring you to go back to the office to upload documents or input data. This not only limits your ability to work in real-time, but also increases the risk that an error might occur.

In the restoration industry, it is essential that you are able to take the software to the job site and have the functionality to input data and documentation on the spot quickly and efficiently. That information can then be available immediately to whomever needs access, wherever they are.

Ease of Use

If the software you are asking your employees to use is difficult to use, time consuming, or frustrating, the truth is your employees aren’t going to use it. Ease of use is important, and when software is designed specifically for your industry, it is easier to use and makes more sense for your employees. It has the features you need and works the way you need it to work.

When the job management software you are using doesn’t suit your business’ needs, often times it might feel like you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – there’s features that are missing or that don’t apply to your business, and that limits the effectiveness of the software. At Next Gear Solutions, we’ve designed DASH specifically for the unique needs of the restoration industry. Contact our sales team today to see it for yourself.