Four Reasons to Go Paperless

In the 1990s, Americans first became aware of the concept of ‘going green.’ Taking specific actions with the goal of protecting the environment became a top priority for many. Households around the country made a concerted effort to increase recycling and be less wasteful with resources such as gas.

Environmental consciousness has not gone away since then; in fact, it’s more important than ever. As members of society are careful with how they treat the planet, companies are now being held to similar standards. That is especially true for restoration businesses, which must not only pass their own tests, but also prove to insurance companies and clients that they are being environmentally friendly.

As restorers look to eliminate waste and improve sustainability, many are looking to technology. Cloud-supported software such as DASH can help a business reduce its environmental footprint. The technology, accessible via both mobile devices and computers, allows a business to go paperless. Instead of writing down notes and printing receipts, the software stores all of that information digitally. Companies can improve productivity while being more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

DASH is the only mobile application for restoration companies. Field crews, project managers, business owners, as well as insurance agents and clients, can all benefit from a business that uses the software. Not only does it make work easier, it also helps a company stay eco-friendly.

Along with the efforts to go green, having a cloud-supported software to oversee a business can help in other ways. Review some benefits to going paperless and consider making the switch to DASH today:

Reduced costs
Having every piece of information stored on the cloud can lower a restoration company’s expenses. Instead of needing to print and mail out documents and contracts, DASH can send those things instantaneously, eliminating mail and postage costs. The storage system also reduces the need to print documents, cutting down the need to buy ink and paper.

According to the Forum of Private Businesses, small- and medium-sized companies in England waste approximately $70 million a day looking for documents. Having paperless technology helps a business avoid those wasteful moments and keeps profits within the company.

Cloud software
Cloud software allows a restoration business to be environmentally conscious and save money.

Time saved
According to the Construction Marketing Association, it takes an average of 18 minutes to locate a single document. Who has that kind of time? DASH replaces the need to search through old notebooks or expense accounts to find a piece of vital information. Having everything stored online eliminated the need to scour old filing cabinets or warehouses, as employees can just search for the exact document they need electronically.

Everything is easier to find
Along with the time it takes to locate the document in question, saving everything in paper form increases the risk of loss or damage. A flood or other type of disaster could wipe away an entire business if important documents are ruined. And the frequency of contracts going in the wrong folder or the titles of papers being mislabeled increases when everything is documented by hand.

DASH software not only tracks old documents, but also manages schedules and calendars, making it easier for a restoration business to plan its future work schedule.

Safety and security
In the event that a robbery takes place, a business with lots of files could be out of luck. Insurance may cover the stolen goods, but the information on those documents may be gone forever. With a paperless system through DASH, information is safe and secure. It is also accessible from anywhere, so workers on a job site have access to the same notes that insurance agents in an office do.

Taking detailed notes can help a restoration business improve customer satisfaction.There are a lot of factors to consider when setting prices for rehab projects.