As a restoration project manager, the nature of your business is equal parts bitter and sweet. Your business thrives when disaster strikes. Your time to shine comes from other people’s lowest moments.

At the end of the day, your job is to not only be there for people when you’re needed, but to be prepared ahead of time when you get that call. That means knowing what kind of jobs could be coming your way and having the right job tracking software ready to manage them. We’ll provide you with both.

Looking back at last year’s Hurricane Season

In 2016, restoration companies had their work cut out for them as the United States experienced an above-normal hurricane season. The Atlantic region was hit especially hard and experienced three major hurricanes, making 2016 its busiest season in four years.

Hurricane Matthew set all sorts of flooding and water damage records. Some places experienced up to 17 inches of rain while other places saw winds of more than 109 miles per hour. The economic damage was especially devastating. It cost the United States close to $6 billion dollars in damage, with 90% of the damage costs caused by the wind. In many places, people still haven’t fully recovered.

Being prepared – Get Your Job Tracking Software Ready

Experts accurately predicted ahead of time that 2016 would be the most dangerous and expensive hurricane season since 2005-2006. They also correctly predicted nine months in advance that Hurricane Matthew would hit the Atlantic Coast. According to their predictions for 2017, it’s going to be another busy year. Get your job tracking software ready.

Global Weather Oscillations Inc. predicts that 2017 will be the most active and dangerous hurricane season in more than a decade. Others are predicting five major hurricanes, with four of those making landfall.

With more hurricane damage expected, you can expect that your workload will increase. When hurricane season begins in June, the question won’t be a matter of whether or not most restoration management companies will have enough jobs, the question will be whether they have enough resources to be able to manage them. If you want not only want to help all of the people who are going to need you, but also quickly scale your company when the claims volume surges, it might be time to get job tracking software like DASH.

Job tracking software like DASH will allow your team to be ready for a spike in jobs. DASH is a web-based tool that helps you pre-configure job specific workflows, track job updates in real time. In addition, the system will help you track and manage all your equipment to make sure nothing gets lost or left behind. Quickly document the job directly from the site. View and manage your team’s job calendar to make sure that your teams are properly deployed and on track. Job tracking software allows you to put everything in one, easy-to-navigate place. This means the job can run more efficiently, so you’ll have more capacity to take on jobs and complete them faster. You’ll also be more organized, so tasks won’t fall between the cracks as you scramble to help people and manage more jobs.

If the experts are right, the country will need restoration professionals more than ever this hurricane season. Job tracking software will help your company shine when the calls start pouring in.