There’s no way around it: Restoration contractors spend most of their time out of the office, without the right technology travel can quickly chew up most of your day and can leave you burning the midnight oil on administrative work. In addition, excessive travel also costs money.

Restoration contractors know they have to be constantly available and ready to meet anywhere. Investing in the right cloud based technology will improve your company’s overall performance. It is also critical to limiting delays in projects and in improving client communication.

Here are a few tips for how restoration contractors can reduce their travel times and streamline your operations:

1. Move to a paperless office
As a restoration contractor, you’ll waste a lot of your valuable time hunting for paper forms, records and other important things. In a digital age where everything can be electronically stored, you have to take advantage of going paperless.

Also, when you transform your office to go digital, you’re increasing the precision and accountability of your business. Don’t let a single lost document completely throw off the claims management cycle. You can easily reduce your time traveling back and forth from the office by going paperless. Using a cloud-based computer software system will allow you to send and receive documents on a personal device without ever stepping foot off the work site.

Your travel time will only increase if you’re constantly worried about printing documents when there are ways to send PDF files to clients, insurance adjusters and other parties on the spot.

Moving toward a paperless office could save you travel time from driving back and forth to the office to retrieve documents.
Moving toward a paperless office could save you travel time from driving back and forth to the office to retrieve documents.

2. Get your staff more in-tuned with mobile technology
In the not-so-distant past, project managers were typically the only ones with laptops or tablets at the work site. However, DASH claims management software and native mobile app can help your entire field staff use mobile cloud technology more effectively. Why be the only person on the job site who can take pictures of progress reports, file bill of materials or stay in contact with clients?

“Through DASH, you can manage everything needed to get a job completed.”

You can train your staff to work with DASH’s interactive system to keep everyone on the same level through enhanced communication capabilities. When you’re able to train your staff on-site with DASH’s system, you save time and money on traveling to a different location to learn the software. Instead, DASH professionals will come to you and train you on the job, so your staff gets truly effective interactions and experiences with the system.

3. Keep all your documents in the cloud
With cloud computing technology, keeping your files organized and up to date is easier than ever. Having these documents on you at all times equips you with a mobile office whether you’re working on a construction site or you’re video conferencing with customers in your office. The cloud lets you limit your travel by putting your office on a single device.

Through DASH’s platform, you can manage absolutely everything needed to get a job completed. With insurance forms, job estimates and other necessary reports for each job, it can be taxing to try and ensure these papers are in order. However, DASH software can expedite communication strategies, quickly send progress reports and speed up processes that normally consume a lot of your day traveling back and forth.

By staying in constant reach with your crew, insurance adjusters and customers, you save time and immediately improve your overall productivity and customer satisfaction scores. In a competitive market, anything to reduce your traveling time could push you ahead of the pack.