Restoration contractors work in an industry where liability exposure is high. Compliance requirements and mismanaged claims processes not only cost a claims project but many others to come. All it takes is a missing or lost drying record or an emergency work authorization form and you could be denied payment on a job.

This has happened to numerous restorers, and it’s easy to misplace paper documents when there are so many for each job. The biggest solution is moving away from the paper monster you might be dealing with to a digital interface that can organize and give you and other stakeholders’ involved immediate access to documents.

Why you need to file everything on a project
In order to avoid a claims dispute over missing documents or illegible drying records, restoration contractors need to embrace the digital age.

What makes this process even more controllable is uploading everything into a cloud system. Within the cloud, you can access files or folders wherever your job takes you.

Restorers have to mitigate risks through supporting documentation of the project and this is much more difficult when you’re dealing with paper forms. Moving from the office to the worksite can cause a lot unnecessary travel if you forget or lose a specific document. There’s no longer a need to worry about having things together and on you when there’s a claims management platform like DASH to help you organize and file everything you need.

Ensure all parties are up to speed
Another advantage of having all your documents available on a single cloud platform is that it will keep everyone updated.

“Clients want to know they are working with someone they can trust.”

Instead, keep everyone on board with an online documentation system that allows you to add, update your documents in real time. Those looking for restoration contractors want to know they are working with someone they can trust, and if you aren’t providing constant communication as well as transparent claims process, you could be hurting your overall business.

Let the documents speak
Anyone working in the Property and Casualty industry will understand the liability risk or the high exposure to liability that restoration contractors are subject to. Having all your important documents stored digitally in a secure cloud environment will provide peace of mind should possible disputes or disagreements arise.