When accidents happen, it’s important for restoration companies to have the right tools at their disposal to serve their client. In the same way that restoration teams might use a flood extractor to remove water, companies are now turning digital and using restoration management software like DASH to manage and complete projects. Here are 5 reasons why adding software to your tool belt might be a good move for you.


A fire ripped through a building and now you have to fix it. Your team has to provide a preliminary loss report, your sub-trades need a work order, and your client needs to know how much it is going to cost them. Everyone needs access to critical job information in order to move the project forward in the most efficient way. With restoration management software, everyone has that access when they need it. There is no waiting, no miscommunication or playing phone tag since key stakeholders can view the same information.

Increased profit

Restoration management software makes your workflow process more efficient. With information organized in one place and accessible at any time, projects run more smoothly. But here’s the kicker. When you aren’t spending time and energy on tasks that a software can manage, you can focus your energy on getting new clients, marketing your company, finishing jobs ahead of schedule – things that that help you grow your company.

Run your business anywhere

We get it. There is something nostalgic about an office with filing cabinets and stacks of papers containing cost estimates. However, accidents can happen anywhere, which means a job can happen anywhere. With restoration management software like DASH, you can access all of the data you need on the road, in your office, or at the job site. No more wasting time taking notes on site and then filing them back in the office. With access to your project anywhere at any time, you can finally make it to your nephew’s soccer game and keep an eye on the project if you need to.

Stay on Schedule

In order to be a successful restoration management company, you have to be able to manage multiple jobs at once. With the software available to restoration project managers now, you’ll be able to alleviate much of the stress that comes from managing multiple projects at once, as well close them sooner. DASH has the ability to track schedules, employees, and all aspects of a project to make sure everything is happening on time. If there are issues, you can spot and fix them before it hurts your assignment. And with software handling the status updates, you can spend time finishing the job instead of trying to figure out in what status the job currently sits.

Client Happiness

Nothing makes a client happier than transparency and knowing they are kept in the loop of what is happening with the job. Restoration management software now comes with the ability to grant clients access to certain information so that they can monitor the project on their own terms. They can get the information when they want it, which means less frustration from them as they wait for your team to provide their answers. Furthermore, this software helps restoration management companies achieve a greater level of organization and control, which puts the client at ease.