I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about a people who give their all in oftentimes horrible situations. They help bring peace and reassurance to people who are in a crisis and comfort when people are concerned that their homes or businesses are ruined.

These people are called out in times of need. Often, they are summoned after-hours as they are trying to spend time with their families and often when they are trying to sleep.

Growing up, we had these idealized and bigger-than-life visions of what constituted a hero. Batman. Spiderman. Superman. They were all there for people in times of need. While no one flashes a signal into the air to get our heroes to help, they are no less important, but, more importantly, they are very real.

Okay, so if you haven’t figured it out already, YOU are the “Heroes at the End of this Post.” You are the ones who take the calls from people in need. Whether you are a person answering the call, helping reassure the home or business owner that there is help for them and it is on the way, or a production person being there to talk with them and help understand how things are going to get better and show them by doing the work. Or, maybe you are a marketing person whose job is to help ensure that your client’s customers know who to call when in need – knowing their homes and businesses will be in good hands. Or perhaps you are a mitigation and restoration company owner, dedicating your company’s resources and resolve to help others in need.

No matter which of these roles you fill, you are serving others. You are a hero. And, as we all know, any hero needs a few things: the ability to solve the problem, the tools to do the job, and sometimes a sidekick (especially if there is heavy furniture to move).

Restoration companies have these covered with vans and box trucks full of equipment, trained teams, and with Next Gear Solutions’ DASH software. It helps you manage the job, whether in the office or in the field – and you don’t have to go to the bat cave to use it.

And we’d like to see Batman fit a truckmount or even a dehu into the batmobile.

So if you want to see a hero, go look into a mirror. While you may not have a cape, you do help people in their time of need, and what you do each day does make a difference in people’s lives.