Arcus Restoration

Growing Company, Growing Needs

Since forming in late 2012, Arcus Restoration has had its sights set on expansion, with “a desire to grow professionally, to grow our market share, and to grow our reach,” says Adam Beck, the company’s president until recently. As the company grew, one of its first priorities was getting away from the antiquated business systems that served as the foundation for so many competitors.

“There’s a size at which you can maintain whiteboards and paper files and do fine,” Adam says. “There’s probably a size you can do all of that in your head. But at scale, those things become huge barriers. If Arcus wanted to continue to grow, we had to have a technology revolution,” he says. That revolution came courtesy of the DASH job management system.

The Moment of Truth

Adam explains that before adopting DASH, Arcus had as much work as it could handle, and management knew that any additional work would strain the system. Barely able to keep up, Arcus executives concluded that there were only two viable paths forward: either shrink the volume of business or revolutionize their informational systems.

Arcus chose the path of growth fueled by DASH and has since seen year-over-year growth of 25% and more, expanding their employee headcount sevenfold as they branched out into five locations. Most impressive of all, Arcus went from serving the city of Murfreesboro and the immediate surrounding area to providing restoration services to middle Tennessee, Chattanooga, northwest Georgia, and northern Alabama.

The Only Way to Grow is Up

And Arcus doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon. “Our plans are to continue our growth story,” says Adam. “We want to continue to add coverage areas, we want to continue to provide opportunities to our employees to grow professionally. Part of that growth story must include technology. We’ve embraced technology as a company, and that will be the backbone that helps drive us toward our goals.”

DASH will be there to help Arcus achieve its goals and fuel its growth.