Elite Water Damage Restoration

Moving Away from Paper

Bill Fitzgerald of Elite Water knew he needed to move away from what he called archaic pen-and-paper methods and knew that technology would play a major role in any expansion of his company. “If you have things on paper, they get lost or misplaced, but if it’s uploaded to a system, it’s going to be there.”

Bill found the solutions he was looking for in DASH.

“I found DASH pretty straightforward to use,” he says, noting that it was “very easy to work through, keeping track of jobs, job pictures, job notes, billing, and all those things.”

Anytime, Anywhere

Bill particularly appreciates that DASH gives him an executive-level view of his company any time he needs it. “At night, after the house is nice and quiet, I can pull open DASH and scroll through everything in terms of the jobs in production, the jobs I’ve invoiced, and see where we are in accounts receivable. I can see what’s going on with every job I have going and every stage it’s in.”

Bill is quick to concede that a transition to a digital workflow isn’t always easy, particularly for a company that’s long relied on more traditional methods. “The only way to transition from paper to paperless is to just pick a day and stop,” he counsels.

When your company is ready to pick a day to embrace DASH, Next Gear will be ready for you.