Onsite Solutions

Game-Changing Technology

Vince Mastronardi knows a game-changer when he sees one. His Michigan-based restoration business had been swimming in paperwork, leaving his team searching for files and all too aware that they were often working without vital information. “We were paper-heavy,” he explains. “My desk was piled high with it. How many times did we lose work authorizations?” Vince was sure that a better way was out there, and when he discovered DASH job management software, the choice was obvious, he says. “I’m like, ‘sign me up.’”

Now his technicians using DASH in the field can keep track of what they’ve done and what the next steps need to be—all with easy-to-use voice notes. “When an adjuster wants to know what’s going on with a job, they pull up the job on their phone, and all the details are there” with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

A Framework for Expansion

Vince notes that before he switched to DASH, the conflicting data and inaccurate reporting inherent in the system he was using made it nearly impossible to know how well his team was performing. “I had no idea what my numbers were.” But more than giving management insight into performance, he praises the way that DASH keeps every member of his team keyed into the status of every job his company undertakes. “Before, our project managers, our salespeople—no one knew exactly what was going on with a job,” he says. “Now every single person knows what’s going on with a single keystroke. Our communication has been amazing.”

And DASH has provided a consistent framework for business expansion, Vince explains, calling it a perfect solution that has helped his business grow. “We used DASH well as a company of seven,” he says. “We’re using it now as a company of 57. As we’re growing, it’s a no-brainer—we’re going to use it as a company of 107.”

As Onsite grows, DASH will be there.