Paul Davis

Double-Digit Growth

When David Peterson was looking to grow his Paul Davis restoration franchise by double digits, it was clear that his current job management system wasn’t going to cut it. The wasted time and inherent inefficiencies he dealt with day in and day out left him with little room to expand. “We used to deal with a lot of paper,” he says. Tracking a technician’s progress was nearly impossible as well: “Before, we could ask somebody how they were doing, but you didn’t really know.” And warranty issues only complicated matters, requiring staff “to dig through archives and hopefully find the folder.” Even then, there was no certainty that the needed documentation would be there.

That all changed in 2016 when his company moved to DASH—what David calls true job management software. Using a version of DASH customized for Paul Davis (and branded RMS), David discovered a modern, comprehensive paperless system able to track every step of every job with pinpoint accuracy. Associated photos and documentation are tied to each job and easy to access, even years later. “It was a learning curve,” he says, “but a major improvement.” David notes that embracing new technology isn’t always easy, but is vital in an environment where everyone is looking for a competitive advantage. “If you’re not in tune with [new technology], you get left behind. You want to be ahead of that disruption instead of in it or behind it.”

Efficiency, Communication, and Empathy

In a fast-paced business like David’s, there’s a fairly straight line between organizational efficiency and profitable growth, and DASH has propelled David’s business forward. “We’ve had the ability to not only grow, but to handle the business better than ever. It’s made us more profitable,” he explains.

And more than improved efficiency and profitability, David credits DASH with improving communication between team members and ultimately driving higher levels of customer satisfaction. “We can seamlessly do something that used to take a lot longer. [Team members] can email the project manager, copy the adjuster—everybody’s in the loop. Communication is the number one thing [DASH] has helped us with.”

Working every day with people experiencing home tragedies such as fires and floods, David well knows that restoration businesses such as Paul Davis are more than mere cleaners and restorers. His work helps see people through some of their darkest days. “This is important—it’s somebody’s house, somebody’s life,” he says.

We’re proud that DASH is there along the way.