Rainbow International

Late Nights and Early Mornings

Like many restoration company owners who take an active role in the day-to-day operations of their business, Rick Swango knows the toll it can take—the late nights, early mornings, and years of missed vacations. That’s why he calls DASH—with its ability to help him manage his business from anywhere at any time via a tablet or phone—a platform that’s changed both his business and his life.

“I could only manage so much with paper and pencil,” Rick says. “Going digital with Next Gear makes it easy to manage my business whether I’m hours, or even continents away.” With a glance at DASH’s info-laden dashboard, Rick can see the status of each project his team is working on and direct any corrections that might be needed to get a job back on track.

But using DASH only halfheartedly isn’t going to yield great results, Rick counsels. “When you make the move to DASH, you have to fully jump in and evolve,” he says. “You jump in and learn everything you can—it’s your business.” Committing to using DASH to its full potential, he says, provides the data needed to make good business decisions. “It’s going to tell you everything you need.”

Life-Changing Balance

Those job management capabilities have helped Rick grow Rainbow International and “take the business to the next level,” even as it’s given him the ability to enjoy time away with his wife and daughter. “It’s not just software,” Rick says. “It literally is a life changer—my family wouldn’t be where it is today without it.”

DASH is more than just job management software—it’s a work-life rebalancer.