Total Restoration

Searching for a Solution

Matthew Hensley has been with Total Restoration nearly since the beginning, being around the sixth employee hired, he recalls. “We were really small; everybody lent a hand—we had multiple roles. I think we were all just really excited that we were getting business, and we were just working our tails off to try to make sure we were servicing that business.”

Matthew remembers that it was stacks of folders that kept the whole operation running. “We had a pretty good system for what it was,” he says, “but as we continued to grow, we knew it wasn’t a system that we were going to be able to keep.”

Matthew attended a trade show with a mission in mind: find a modern job management system that could keep pace with Total Restoration and scale with the company as it grew. “We sat down with DASH [personnel] and talked to clients using DASH at the time. We knew that was the system we wanted to go to.” Matthew appreciates how DASH keeps a wealth of vital documentation such as work authorizations and contracts all centrally located and easily accessible. What’s more, DASH’s automated compliance keeps his restoration team on track. “DASH gives a checklist of things that need to happen on a job, and when those things don’t happen, we’re able to quickly dive into it and see that and correct it before it becomes a bigger issue.”

Behind Every Good Software is Great Support

“DASH’s support is amazing,” enthuses Matthew, “and their training is amazing.” He says that the robust training Next Gear offers its customers means that onboarding new personnel is a cinch that doesn’t burden experienced technicians. Next Gear’s training “makes it where I don’t have to train them. It frees my time up to focus on other things.”

Some of those other things include continuing to grow the company. “Total Restoration’s business has grown around 40% since bringing on DASH,” he says. And it is growth that brings personal fulfillment along with a steady paycheck. “At the end of the day, the restoration industry gives us the ability to help people put people’s lives back together,” Matthew says. “And DASH is a key part in that—making us efficient, making us transparent, and ultimately just making us a better industry.”

DASH and Total Restoration—helping put people’s lives back together one job at a time.