Next Gear Consulting is a dynamic organization that promotes change resiliency and lean processing for the restoration industry.
Utilizing Six Sigma principles, industry experience and knowledge, Next Gear customizes business processes for targeted organizations within unique markets.

Next Gear’s fresh approach takes the latest technology and lean business management philosophies to raise the expectations of claim flow and documentation while creating “operating transparency.” Next Gear Consulting has a proven track record in designing and implementing quality improvement initiatives that both increase quality for the customer and cut cost for the organization. The core guiding principles of Next Gear are to assure all processes in a given organization are value added, lean and allow for operating transparency.

Next Gear Consulting was founded and is managed by Garret Gray. Garret is a well known consultant who has worked with hundreds of Restoration Contractors from Hawaii to Newfoundland, Canada. Garret is an expert in the latest job management software and has been at the forefront of developing processes that maximize these programs’ effectiveness within different organizations.

Well on his way of becoming certified as a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, Garret’s influences are moving beyond North America where he is taking Quality Improvement and Lean Processing to a worldwide market.
Our current client base profits range from 4 million per year to as much as 20 million per year. We are also a key strategic partner for IMACC where we are leading the industry with technology and process advancements that effect a nationwide market.

Below are some of the main areas Next Gear Consulting focuses on to improve and streamline your organization.


Administrative Systems

The Administrative Systems we use are rooted in technology and lean processing. This is not your normal filing and organizational lesson-- this is a complete overhaul that affects your whole operation from top to bottom.

Next Gear Consulting administrative services include:

  • Current State Process Analysis
  • Claims Management
  • Payroll / Time Tracking
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Job Costing
  • Process Play Book Development
  • Current Employee Handbook Analysis
  • Employee Handbook Development
  • Culture Building
  • Leadership Development
Lean Processing

What is Lean Processing?

Next Gear Consulting uses Six Sigma tools and methodologies to ensure your organization has the systems in place for lasting Lean Processing. We will assess your company’s current processes, determining if they are of value. We then utilize the latest technology to lean all processes and shrink costs. We focus on technology-based solutions that increase efficiency, raise profits, and create operating transparency. This technology will also have significant marketing benefits that will attract clients to your organization.

  • Your company accomplishes tasks in the least amount of steps possible.
  • Tasks are done right the first time.
  • Tasks are not redone by anyone.
  • All tasks provide value.
Marketing Development

Next Gear Consulting believes that image plays a vital role in building your client list. One of the services we offer is developing an image that correctly represents you and your company to both new and existing clients. Our marketing development team will work alongside with you to create the correct and valuable image that your company deserves.

Image Development Includes:

  • Logo and Identity
  • Fleet Design
  • Employee Uniforms
  • Business Cards
  • Web Presence
  • And Much More...

Next Gear Consulting will also customize the perfect Business Development Plan for your market. We will help you target your marketing resources for maximum return and coach your marketing staff in the best methods. A complete marketing strategy with effective marketing employees is essential to expanding your company.

Public Relations/Media

Are you tired of not having the exposure you and your company deserves? Are you looking for a change to help set your company apart from your competition?

Through Next Gear’s Public Relations services, we will help you create positive transparency for your company through custom press releases and more. Our PR department will help to expand your visibility and to share all of the positive ongoings your company is experiencing to your local marketplace.

Our talented content writers and media experts have been trained to understand key press points for the unique and dynamic property damage restoration industry. We will work side by side with you or your marketing team to ensure that every aspect of your company is exposed and marketed to its fullest potential.


Coaching and staff development is key for building the right culture and developing leaders in your organization. If your goal is to grow, you need a core team that can grow with your company.

In order to assure your staff will be ready to take on new responsibilities and be successful leaders they must be taught the new processes. Through one-on-one information sessions and constant contact with us, Next Gear Consulting provides the framework for ensuring your staff is prepared for expansion and growth. Our industry-proven techniques and well trained coaches will walk you through each step and build a new framework that will change your company forever.