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Save time, save money, and build the most successful future for your business by going paperless with the power of DASH Restoration Business Management.


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What is DASH?

Our restoration business and job management software – DASH – is a cloud-based solution that has been designed to help you run your restoration business more efficiently, but it’s more than just a software. With DASH, real-time documentation has never been easier allowing you to manage projects and your business from anywhere in real-time. The DASH mobile app makes it easy to create jobs, track your equipment, upload photos and speak notes directly into the job file. It’s time to put an end to your overstacked paperwork and carrying file folders from your jobs.

It’s time to go paperless … and put the power of mobility in your own hands. Save time, save money, and build the most successful future for your business by going paperless.

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Real-time Updates

Real-time job updates, with automated communication to key participants from field to office, provide transparency and control.

Customized Workflow Builder

The flexible open platform is configurable to fit your unique business requirements.

Compliance Manager

Achieve accountability with a reliable, automated compliance task list—so you don’t miss critical steps in the process.

Offline Functionality

Work anywhere in the field—if reception isn’t reliable, DASH syncs new data points when you reconnect.

Centralized Documentation

Centralized documentation, including work authorizations, estimates, certificates of satisfaction, and invoicing.

Equipment Manager

Built-in equipment tracking capabilities let you easily track and control every piece of equipment you own.

Dashboards & Reporting

Use data to gain powerful insights and analysis with custom dashboards that streamline job management, accounting, and more.

Job Calendar

Maintain visibility on all project work and employee availability, so your projects and employees stay on track and on time.

All-in-One Centralization

All-in-one integration of ProAssist, MICA, DryTrack, and LuxorCRM centralizes jobs, equipment tracking, photos, and more.

Third-Party Integration

Seamless third-party program integrations help ensure that your workflow needs are met.

In-App Notifications

Instantly update team members when critical tasks are completed, documents uploaded, or when action needs to be taken.

Easy Classification

Use tags to uniquely classify and sort jobs, such as a significant event to identify trends in performance, business needs, and other important insights.

Marketing and Contacts Capabilities

Built-in marketing functionality to build your campaigns around your contact database. It’s all included!

Homeowner Communication

Close the communication gap with homeowners: upload photos, track on-time arrivals, and get real-time feedback on every job.

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Say goodbye to your current process

The decision to go paperless is the first step to building a successful future for your restoration business. Now with Next Gear’s Restoration Business Management app – DASH, you can save time and money by moving all those paper files, documents, photos, and anything else into the cloud. It’s that easy!

What can DASH do for you?

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