Restoration Contractors at High Risk of Burnout

Created from material presented by Dr. Jacob Avila
at Next Gear CONNECT User Conference 2019

E-book - Restoration Burnout

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Recognize signs of burnout early so you can plan appropriately.

Restoration work is vital – you’re helping people whose lives have been devastated by a disaster to pick up the pieces and attempt to get on with their lives. It can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be emotionally trying, stressful, and challenging. As a result, burnout within the industry is high.

As a business owner or decision maker, it is vital that you can recognize the signs of burnout in your employees and management team early and can plan appropriately. It is also essential that you understand your role in creating the culture of exhaustion and how you can change things.

Within this e-book, we will help you answer essential questions, including:

  • What is employee burnout?
  • What are contributing factors to the development of burnout and how does it affect your employees?
  • Which roles in your company are more likely to create burnout in employees?
  • What can you do as a business owner to reduce burnout or even prevent it in the first place?

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