Welcome to Champion Days

Next Gear’s suite of software solutions has great potential to transform your business dramatically. We have seen so many examples over the years of restoration businesses that have decided to step up and do things differently, and as a result, deliver to their customers a consistently better experience allowing them to achieve more market share. These business owners had the foresight to know that this industry was changing and that the old way of tracking their jobs, keeping up with their documents, and selling to agents and adjusters were not going to cut it anymore. They came to that inflection point and decided that they needed to lead their organization to a new way of running their business. They needed software that provided the data, transparency, consistent service quality, and more efficient document, equipment, and people tracking.

Unfortunately, this change is hard for most, and sometimes the old way of doing things seems like much less of a headache. While some have fallen prey to this temptation, we have also seen companies that let go of “how it’s always been done” to embrace new and more efficient ways to grow. These owners and General Managers have been “champions” of change and have seen their businesses transformed due to their tenacity. With these examples of success in mind, we created Champion Days, an online event to equip you and your staff with the tools, support, encouragement, and network to go back to your business and lead the charge of positive and lasting change.

Champion Days is not a software usage training course or for discovering which button to click to get the desired result. Champion Days is not about HOW you do things but is instead about WHY you do them. We will be equipping your team with the knowledge necessary to effectively drive change throughout your business and with a clear vision for why you need to implement that change. We have seen this event produce tremendous results, and we are confident that you, too, will greatly benefit from this investment of time and resources. “Send us your sales and operations leaders, and we will make them CHAMPIONS!” You have our word.


Part 1: What is Takes To Succeed

Part 2: Data Drives Sales

Part 3: Methodology Matters