We are excited to welcome Luxor CRM into the Next Gear family. We know you are interested to learn more about Luxor CRM, so we are inviting you to join a webinar hosted by Next Gear Solutions’ CEO, Garret Gray, and founder of Luxor CRM, Lukas Szczurowski. This webinar will address any questions or concerns you may have and will offer some insight into Luxor CRM and what it can offer you. You can register for the webinar below. To learn more about this newest addition to the Next Gear product suite, please read below or go to luxorcrm.com.
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Luxor CRM is one of Canada’s largest web-based CRM vendors. Founded in 2000, Luxor CRM is a privately held company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Luxor has developed its software to be more than just a generic CRM but one focused on the unique needs of referral-driven restoration sales.

Luxor CRM is NOT just another software!

The data derived from Luxor CRM’s software and processes will give you a clear understanding of where your business comes from, who your influencers are, and changes in their referral patterns. The audit procedure will help you eliminate duplicates and help manage your sales and marketing incentive.

Key features
  1. Automatic classification of your clients
    Luxor provides your team with a clear understanding of who your top influencers are and who you need to focus on.
  2. Opportunity management
    Take each potential client through a precise sales process, which provides everyone with the understanding of what stage of the sales cycle each relationship is in.
  3. Communication
    What is the maximum number of days you are comfortable not communicating with your key clients? Let the system alert you when that time is approaching.

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Become a truly sales driven organization.
Let our Luxor CRM team become your virtual Director of Marketing for a period of 6 weeks. Within that time, we can teach you how to hold your weekly sales and marketing meetings, how to hold your staff accountable and provide them with clear direction, which will lead them and your organization to success.