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The only contractor CRM built and designed with proven sales methodologies for the restoration industry.


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What is LuxorCRM?

LuxorCRM – Strategic Sales CRM is the most customizable online CRM software for restoration contractors to build relationships, track leads, and drive sales. LuxorCRM is the only contractor CRM software built and designed with proven sales methodologies that work in the restoration industry. Gain visibility of your sales processes and manage your sales team to higher success levels using LuxorCRM’s strategic sales through classification solution. Whether your focus is on maintaining insurance partner relationships or prospecting new commercial clients, LuxorCRM’s proprietary classifications keep your salespeople focused on the right sales at the right times. Equipped with industry-specific tools, robust reporting, and proven methodologies, this is the best CRM for restoration contractors who need to empower sales teams.

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  • Custom Sales Automation
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Top Client Comparison

Identify top performers by company or contact and get automatic analysis and relationship prioritization.

Reporting and Analytics

Harness the power of your data with analysis tools and easy-to-create custom sales reports to automatically share with other users.

Data Optimization Tools

Tools for auditing and data back-up from jobs, contacts, and other company information offer efficiency and preserves your sales team’s knowledge base.

Proactive Alerts

Set alerts within the system to maintain visibility on activity or inactivity for each contact.

Referral Tracking

Referral marketing tree creation automatically notes where referrals come from for continued growth and relationship nurturing.

Workflow Automation & Integration

Easily integrates into your existing workflows for a consistent, seamless experience.

Automated Prioritization

Automated sales priority views by contact, including neglected client push notifications.

Productivity Tools

Tools for activity capture, expense management, and task assignments make it easy to stay consistent and nurture leads.

Automated Commission

Streamline the commission process to help ensure accuracy and boost efficiency.

Automated Classification

Get better results with automatic classification of contacts by the criteria that matter most to you.

Get Strategic

Trade “busy” for “productive” and watch what happens

How is sales deciding where to focus their time and your money? What’s their plan? Help your sales team exceed their goals consistently by giving them the tools to worry less about their sales numbers and more about their strategy. LuxorCRM’s sales automation and CRM tools for restoration contractors equip restoration salespeople with the knowledge and focus required to execute your plan and produce real results.

Why LuxorCRM?

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