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Eliminate the complexity of ever changing rules, standards and policies with the leading documentation and compliance management solution on the market.


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What is MICA?

MICA is the leading water mitigation suite in the restoration industry. MICA is the simple, efficient, and comprehensive solution that provides benefits for the insurance carrier, the adjuster and the contractor. Insurance carriers get the benefit of a real-time audit by exceptions and improved cycle time due to less rework. Adjusters benefit by being able to view job data anytime, anywhere and a detailed report upon job completion. Contractors benefit by automating equipment calculations and eliminating paperwork resulting in increased efficiency. MICA is the next step towards a better mitigation program. Increase productivity, save money and time by using MICA today.

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Compliance Task Manager

Achieve accountability with a reliable, automated compliance task list—so you don’t miss critical steps in the process.

Automatic Updates

Help ensure compliance and minimize errors with integrated, automatic updates of important carrier requirements.

Equipment Documentation

Calculate and log daily updates, track run times, and promote proper drying with equipment usage documentation.

Compliance Verification

Validate the scope of estimates with integrated S500 compliance verification in your project documentation.

Photo / Video Management

In-app functionality lets you easily document property aspects of the property loss and progress of dry out, automatically share notes, and free up space with secure cloud storage.

Electronic Forms

Secure electronic forms make it simple to collect signatures and share files—no need for paper!

Offline Functionality

Let your team work when offline, with automatic data syncing when connectivity is restored.

Customized Reports

Easy-to-generate project reports are comprehensively detailed, consistent, and cohesive, allowing you to tell the story of the restoration process.

Third-Party Integration

Seamless third-party program integrations help ensure that your workflow needs are met.

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Say goodbye to your current process

The decision to go paperless is the first step to building a successful future for your restoration business. Having all data centrally stored allows reports to be built automatically and ready for you to review. This also speeds up the cycle time as you can share necessary data with multiple third parties.

With native mobile and web applications, capturing every piece of data on any mitigation project is easy!

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