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MICA is an application that lets you capture mitigation related job data on-site, map it through the IICRC S-500 standards, and wirelessly deliver it to a central repository.


MICA is the leading water mitigation suite in the restoration industry.  MICA is the simple, efficient, and comprehensive solution that provides benefits for the insurance carrier, the adjuster and the contractor. Insurance carriers get the benefit of a real-time audit by exceptions and improved cycle time due to less rework. Adjusters benefit by being able to view job data anytime, anywhere and a detailed report upon job completion. Contractors benefit by automating equipment calculations and eliminating paperwork resulting in increased efficiency. MICA is the next step towards a better mitigation program. Increase productivity, save money and time by using MICA today.


MICA Mobility

Guide technicians via predefined rules ensuring no measurements are overlooked. Go paperless with custom digital forms and digital signatures.

Equipment Scanner

Scan the QR code on Dri-Eaz equipment to automatically add equipment to your inventory, assign it to drying projects, sync to your estimate, and more.

Compliance Manager

There are a lot of programs you work with and they all have different guidelines. Stay within program boundaries with preset workflows.

Eliminate Paperwork

Having all data centrally stored allows reports to be built automatically and ready for you to review. 

Third Party Integrations

Reduce double entry with third party integrations. Claim data is pushed and pulled via integrated web services.

Dashboard & Analytics

Improve decision making. View jobs from the top or drill down to details making it easy to find outliers.

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