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Welcome to Champion Days

Next Gear’s suite of software solutions has great potential to transform your business dramatically. We have seen so many examples over the years of restoration businesses that have decided to step up and do things differently, and as a result, deliver to their customers a consistently better experience allowing them to achieve more market share. These business owners had the foresight to know that this industry was changing and that the old way of tracking their jobs, keeping up with their documents, and selling to agents and adjusters were not going to cut it anymore. They came to that inflection point and decided that they needed to lead their organization to a new way of running their business. They needed software that provided the data, transparency, consistent service quality, and more efficient document, equipment, and people tracking.

Unfortunately, this change is hard for most, and sometimes the old way of doing things seems like much less of a headache. While some have fallen prey to this temptation, we have also seen companies that let go of “how it’s always been done” to embrace new and more efficient ways to grow. These owners and General Managers have been “champions” of change and have seen their businesses transformed due to their tenacity. With these examples of success in mind, we created Champion Days, an online event to equip you and your staff with the tools, support, encouragement, and network to go back to your business and lead the charge of positive and lasting change.

What you will receive

Process Building

Time to pull back from the "tyranny of the urgent" and focus on building processes that will enable and support business growth

Change Sessions

Consultant-led sessions focused on guiding you through the decisions you will need to make before successfully leading your company's change

Plan & Tools

A plan and tools to train yourself and the rest of your company on Next Gear technology that will enable the change

Best Practices

Best practices that you will need to know to be successful today and tomorrow in the restoration industry


Inclusion in a peer-network of other Champions where you can openly discuss challenges facing your business

Expert Exposure

Exposure to coaches, consultants, trainers, support staff, and executives from Next Gear Solutions…and of course, a bit of Next Gear swag

Champion Days is not a software usage training course or for discovering which button to click to get the desired result. Champion Days is not about HOW you do things but is instead about WHY you do them. We will be equipping your team with the knowledge necessary to effectively drive change throughout your business and with a clear vision for why you need to implement that change. We have seen this event produce tremendous results, and we are confident that you, too, will greatly benefit from this investment of time and resources. "Send us your sales and operations leaders, and we will make them CHAMPIONS!" You have our word.

Champion Days Agenda

We divided the Champion Days virtual webinars into 3-part sessions allowing attendees to choose, register, and attend one session from all 3 parts for completion. You can find dates and availability at our webinar registration links.

Part 1: What It Takes To Succeed

(2 hour session)

Part 2: Data Drives Sales

(1 hour session)

Part 3: Methodology Matters

(1.5 hour session)

Meet Our Team

Our team from Next Gear will equip you and your staff with the tools, support, encouragement and network to go back to your business and lead the charge of positive and lasting change.

Jeff Brettell

Executive CRM
Division Leader

Jeff joined Next Gear Solutions in January 2017 and is now the Executive CRM Division Leader. He brought a background of international business development to the restoration industry in 2009, joining the industry and lending his unique skills to the launch and development of the iCAT Solutions brand. He joined LuxorCRM in 2013, where he began focusing on making restoration contractors more successful in sales and marketing. Selling to and working with hundreds of contractors in the industry equipped Jeff with a keen understanding of the challenges faced by companies trying to build effective sales teams and implement successful strategies. Leveraging his experience, the skills of the team around him, and the tools available in LuxorCRM, Jeff continues to provide strategic vision, and sales leadership to companies of all sizes in the industry. He has a vision for restoration contractors to operate as sales driven companies.

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Ty Nicholson

LuxorCRM Sr. Client
Engagement Manager

Ty joined the Next Gear Solutions team in January 2017 as a Client Services Specialist and Consultant. He is now a key contributor to the training and implementation planning team. Before Next Gear Solutions and LuxorCRM joining forces, Ty was instrumental in developing LuxorCRM’s positive influence in the restoration industry for over 7 years. Having a background in business analysis, process improvement, and project management, Ty has senior-level experience in the IT and construction sectors. At LuxorCRM, he guided and consulted with over 50 clients, helping them achieve success. He is passionate about assisting customers in defining and achieving their goals.

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Hugh Bohannon

Senior Client
Engagement Specialist

Hugh Bohannon joined the Next Gear Solutions team in 2020 after spending over 25 years in the commercial insurance marketplace and the restoration industry. He has successfully planned and executed commercial sales strategies, with his sales teams increasing revenue by over 500% and now brings that experience to the LuxorCRM brand.

Working with restoration and commercial insurance sales teams has equipped Hugh to understand the unique challenges faced by sales leaders and their teams in the transforming restoration landscape. With LuxorCRM, he is applying both his knowledge and experience to the task of equipping industry sales teams to maximize their efforts in sales and marketing. He is passionate about helping customers understand that great results begin with great leadership and sales excellence is derived from excellent sales planning and training.

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Katherine Davis

Senior Client
Engagement Specialist

Katherine joined the Next Gear Solutions team in early 2021 as a Senior Client Engagement Specialist, bringing over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and client success. She specializes in communication strategy and uses a holistic approach to coaching, with an emphasis on EQ and strategic messaging, in order to meet clients where they are and guide them toward sales excellence. Her diverse industry experience in marketing and sales roles provides unique insight into each company’s “sales story” and challenges.

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Daniel Fulton

Pierce Whittington

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