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History and Diversity Extraordinaire Dr. Jemar Tisby – Take ownership in your journey to a more diverse, equal, and…

May 6, 2022

In Part 2, Dr. Jemar Tisby continues his conversation with CoreLogic’s Rex Harsin about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion not only in the workplace, but in life and in relationships. Dr. Tisby gives great actionable advice on how we can each take ownership in our own growth.

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History and Diversity Extraordinaire Dr. Jemar Tisby – Your business might be diverse, but is it inclusive?

March 3, 2022

 Dr. Jemar Tisby sat down with Core Logic’s Rex Harsin for a conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Jemar talks about the current hiring crisis and how important it is for your company to be more appealing to the younger working generation – by being...

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Sales Expert Jeff Brettell – Why teamwork is so important for your restoration company’s growth

February 15, 2022

Jeff Brettell uses his love of comic books to teach important lessons about teamwork. Heroes can do a lot independently, but when the big villain grits his teeth, it takes the whole team to defeat him. Jeff talks about how all roles within your restoration company have to work...

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Media Expert Michelle Blevins – Why You Should Double-down on Your Restoration Company’s Brand in 2022

February 2, 2022

Scott Severe sat down with C&R Publisher, Michelle Blevins, in Episode 2 of Pulse21. Michelle talks about print and digital advertising and ideas to keep your brand visible in 2022.

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Brandon Burton – Your secret weapon to staying restoration tech-savvy

January 26, 2022

In Episode 1 of Pulse21, we talk to Core Logic’s own Brandon Burton about some of the things coming down the 2022 pipeline that he’s excited about. Brandon shares what he and the team have planned for his new IICRC CEC-approved webinar series, “Technically Speaking,” which focuses on how...

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Mergers and Acquisitions: an Exciting Growth Strategy… For Some.

December 9, 2020

When Gabe Matthews of Christian Brothers Restoration was approached with an offer to buy a competing company, it set him thinking deeply about mergers and acquisitions. Listen in as Garret discusses the many sides of this growing trend in the Restoration Space. With Garret leading 5 major acquisitions for...

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Your Business Culture is not an Accident with OP Almarez and Tim Bauer

July 9, 2020

We’re talking today with O.P. Almaraz and Tim Bauer of Los Angeles-based Restoration Mastery. Stay with us for a conversation about key-man insurance and how it works with a buy-sell agreement to ensure the continuity of a business partnership; the courage needed to execute on goals; the power of...

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Adjusting to the New COVID Reality: Talking with Holly Murry, President of FRSTeam, Inc.

May 27, 2020

Next Gear CEO Garret Gray virtually sits down with Holly Murry, the president of FRSTeam, Inc., a restoration company specializing in electronics and textiles, for a discussion of how her company is coping and adapting its business operations in the face of a worldwide pandemic. Discussion topics include how...

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Talking COVID-related Stimulus Dollars and Financial Planning

April 20, 2020

Next Gear CEO Garret Gray sits down with Chris Pegg, the Senior Director of Wealth Planning for Wells Fargo Private Bank, to discuss the latest on the financial programs designed to help restoration companies thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Garret and Chris discuss everything from the Payroll Protection Program...

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Walk Before You Run – How to Grow Your Restoration Business, Go Paperless, and Get More Out of Your Tools

October 9, 2019

Welcome to episode 3 of The Business of Restoration Podcast! In this episode, Next Gear’s CEO Garret Gray sits down with Jerry P of GraEagle Restoration in Las Vegas to share stories of growth, and you’ll learn about what a path to a paperless office looks like, protecting yourself...

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