Restoration White Papers

Gain the information you need to take your restoration company to the next level.
This collection of Restoration White Papers is intended to provide restoration contractors information we feel is important to the industry and offer some solutions to known problems many of you might face. Our ultimate goal at Next Gear Solutions is to make your job easier while also making your business operate more efficiently. We hope these give you some ideas of how you can better your restoration company.

What to Know in Order to Grow

The Seven KPIs Every Restoration Company Should Follow


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The Five Pillars of LuxorCRM and the Ideal User

Want to Generate More Restoration Sales?

We understand the best practices of effective sales and marketing in the restoration industry that will help you generate more sales.


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LuxorCRM: The Solution to a Number of Sales Challenges

Restoration Sales Trouble? We’ve got a Solution.

We have proven solutions based on different sales scenarios that we have seen first-hand with restoration companies.


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Wicking of Water into Gypsum Wallboard and its Ability to Transport Pathogens

A study to drywall contamination in water mitigation.


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Mobile Workforce: Are You a Leader or a Laggard?

Mobile adoption has emerged as the primary economic growth engine for economies all over the world.


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Managing Airflow in Water Mitigation Projects

Best practices of maintaining effective use of airflow to enhance evaporation.


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A Guide to Understanding KPIs for Restoration Contractors

Break down your data to build your business.


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We are continuing to create more white papers and will house them here, so be sure to bookmark this page.