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How Joel Lyons of Lyons Textile Restoration
Gained Visibility and Flexibility with DASH

It’s the best move we’ve made.

Joel Lyons
Lyons Textile Restoration

The Right Tool for the Job

As Joel Lyons’ restoration business grew both organically and through acquisitions to become a multi-state operation, he learned firsthand how important the right job management software could be to his success. When Lyons Enterprises bought a garment restoration company that was already using DASH, it opened his eyes to how much he was missing with the software he’d been using. It wasn’t long before he made the switch and started using DASH with all his companies. “It’s the best move we’ve made,”
he says.

Progress is Impossible
Without Change

He’s the first to admit the change wasn’t easy for everyone. As with pretty much any new procedure or tool, “People were hesitant,” he says. “But once they started to see its benefits, it was a game changer. Productivity went up.”

Joel credits a large part of DASH’s success to its integration abilities: not only does it work seamlessly with LuxorCRM, the industry-leading customer relationship management software, but it also meshes with industry standards such as Corelogic and Xactimate. “It’s been critical for us,” he says, “because we need a way to communicate back and forth with insurance carriers. All the security, all the integrations—it’s all in play.”

Perhaps best of all, DASH also gives Joel the freedom to untether from a desk. He says, “I can be anywhere in the world and still see what’s going on with my business.”

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