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Business Intelligence Reporting

What is BI Reporting?

BI Reporting is a powerful tool that lets you monitor critical data like costs and compliance with customized reports using graphs, charts, and maps that can be shared across your organization.

icon BI Dashboard Customized Dashboards

Powerful, customizable dashboards give you at-a-glance access to the latest, most important data trends and analysis.

icon BI Reporting Impactful Reporting

Create powerful visuals illustrating data trends and analysis, including graphs, charts, and trend lines.

icon BI Performance Performance Management

Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use management tools to help your business achieve operational excellence.

icon BI CustomizeReport Customized Reporting

Generate customized reports with information based on your priorities and areas of focus.

icon BI Revenue Revenue Trending

Automatically generated revenue trend analysis shows you areas of success and opportunities for improvement

icon BI Summaries Compliance Summaries

Comprehensive summaries make it fast and easy to make sure your business follows the most up to date guidelines

icon BI CycleTrack Cycle Tracking

Track and monitor cycle times to maximize efficiency and flag trouble spots.

icon BI Improvement Continuous Improvement

Identify key areas of opportunities for improvement in your business.

icon BI Strengths Identify Strengths

Accurate metric tracking lets you see where your business is thriving.

icon BI ReportingTools Reporting Tools

Use standard grids, pivot tables, and drill-downs to sort and effectively analyze data and identify trends.

Here’s what our customers have to say Case Studies
Part of our growth story must include technology. We’ve embraced technology as a company, and that will be the backbone that helps drive us toward our goals. Adam Beck Arcus Restoration
After having done some training with the program, it is very user friendly. Using it as my main tool for managing jobs is now second nature. Simon Jodouin Paul Davis Calgary
Paperless, clean and organized, all projects at my fingertips in one spot. That's awesome, thanks! Ron V. Paul Davis Restoration Southern NH & Maine
Allows everything to be in one place, improves communication and increases productivity. Mike Crebs Service Team of Professionals
We don’t plan on stopping to grow and we know DASH can take us to as big as we want to be. Chris Conover C&B Complete Cleaning and Construction

Top Features of BI Reporting Tools

BI Dashboard

Customized Dashboards

Get real-time views into the info that matters most to your business

  • Real-time data updates fully integrated into DASH
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Data-driven views of your business to actualize real results
BI Chart

Impactful Reporting

BI reporting tools let you realize the power of your data through meaningful analysis

  • Reporting and presentations made easy
  • Standard grids, pivot tables, and drill-downs
BI Chart

Performance Management

The power of data-driven decision making lets you quickly assess what’s working and what isn’t

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Make agile adjustments as needed

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