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CoreLogic Restoration CRM

What is Restoration CRM?

Designed to facilitate the consistent growth of your business through enhanced relationships, CoreLogic® Restoration | CRM™ (formerly LuxorCRM) is a distinctive customer relationship management tool specifically for restoration companies. Seamlessly integrated into our job management platform, Restoration CRM makes it easier for restoration companies to build effective marketing campaigns and communicate with their customers.

Top Client Comparison

Identify top performers by company or contact and get automatic analysis and relationship prioritization.

Reporting & Analytics

Harness the power of your data with analysis tools and easy-to-create custom sales reports to automatically share with other users.

Data Optimization Tools

Tools for auditing and data back-up from jobs, contacts, and other company information offer efficiency and preserve your sales team’s knowledge base.

Restoration Marketing Tools & Automation

Design powerful marketing campaigns with ease using a built-in template creator, Dashlets, Top 10 reports, campaign automation and more.

Proactive Alerts

Use CoreLogic Restoration CRM to set alerts within the system to maintain visibility on activity or inactivity for each contact.

Referral Tracking

Referral marketing tree creation automatically notes where referrals come from for continued growth and relationship nurturing.

Workflow Automation & Integration

Easily integrates into your existing workflows for a consistent, seamless experience.

Automated Prioritization

Automated sales priority views by contact, including neglected client push notifications.

Productivity Tools

Tools for activity capture, expense management, and task assignments make it easy to stay consistent and nurture leads.

Automated Commission

CoreLogic Restoration CRM helps to streamline the commission process to help ensure accuracy and boost efficiency.

Automated Classification

Get better results with automatic classification of contacts by the criteria that matter most to you.

Here’s what our customers have to say Case Studies
Part of our growth story must include technology. We’ve embraced technology as a company, and that will be the backbone that helps drive us toward our goals. Adam Beck Arcus Restoration
After having done some training with the program, it is very user friendly. Using it as my main tool for managing jobs is now second nature. Simon Jodouin Paul Davis Calgary
Paperless, clean and organized, all projects at my fingertips in one spot. That's awesome, thanks! Ron V. Paul Davis Restoration Southern NH & Maine
Allows everything to be in one place, improves communication and increases productivity. Mike Crebs Service Team of Professionals
We don’t plan on stopping to grow and we know DASH can take us to as big as we want to be. Chris Conover C&B Complete Cleaning and Construction

Top Features of CoreLogic Restoration CRM

Campaign Automation

Relationship building made easy.

  • Curated Contact Targeting – Ensure your messages meet the right people at the right time with automatic segmentation of contacts
  • Automated Admin Tasks – Minimize repetitive administrative tasks like data entry, scheduling and follow ups so you can focus on building meaningful connections
  • Drip Campaigns and Automated Engagement – Nurture and engage prospects throughout the buying journey to build trust and improve customer satisfaction

Restoration Marketing with CoreLogic Restoration CRM

Create, track and analyze marketing campaigns.

  • Template Creation – User-friendly interface makes it easy to design beautiful custom templates
  • Campaign Structuring Tool – Built-in intelligence uses campaign details and target lists for a curated experience
  • Dashlets – Interactive dashboards track and analyze important data trends including customer interactions, bounce rates, and more
  • Top 10 Reports – See how your top 10 restoration marketing campaigns perform – What’s working? What’s not?

Opportunity Management

CoreLogic Restoration CRM allows you to quickly identify where your best opportunities are to grow and maintain relationships.

  • Referral tracking
  • Top Client Comparisons
  • Proactive Alerts
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Live Sync with DASH

Multi-level integration provides real-time updates and visibility from field to office

  • Real-time updates available to all parties
  • Update job data with contact information and activity
  • Task creation to maintain relationships
CRM Dashboard

CRM Dashboards

CoreLogic Restoration CRM helps build relationships easily with dashboards that tell the true story of the business

  • Charts that clearly tell the true story behind the data
  • Easily spot trends over time
  • Pinpoint key areas of strengths
  • Identify areas to improve

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