Four Corners

Our society has become reliant on technology and that technology is instantly accessible via mobile devices. Customers want constant communication, real time updates and instant results. You can try to keep using the old “paper” methods of managing jobs and probably get by for a little more time, but eventually you will fall behind. Using paper and pen just doesn’t allow you to offer the same level of satisfaction that customers have come to expect. With a solid restoration management system in place, you can build a foundation on technology and give your clients everything they would expect in modern society.

Below are real success stories from restoration contractors that have embraced the age of technology by implementing DASH restoration management software into their operations and risen to the top of the industry. Please, take some time and hear their accounts of how building a successful restoration company starts with a good foundation. The four corners of this foundation revolve around the ideas of going paperless, creating automated workflows, embracing transparent marketing, and utilizing the power of mobility in the field.