4 Corners of Success

Four Corners

Our society has become reliant on technology and that technology is instantly accessible via mobile devices. Customers want constant communication, real time updates and instant results. You can try to keep using the old “paper” methods of managing jobs and probably get by for a little more time, but eventually you will fall behind. Using paper and pen just doesn’t allow you to offer the same level of satisfaction that customers have come to expect. With a solid restoration management system in place, you can build a foundation on technology and give your clients everything they would expect in modern society.

Below are real success stories from restoration contractors that have embraced the age of technology by implementing DASH restoration management software into their operations and risen to the top of the industry. Please, take some time and hear their accounts of how building a successful restoration company starts with a good foundation. The four corners of this foundation revolve around the ideas of going paperless, creating automated workflows, embracing transparent marketing, and utilizing the power of mobility in the field.

Going Paperless

The decision to go paperless is the first step in building a successful future for your business. With our technology you can safely put an end to the days of carrying file folders from job to job while having to call the office for printed forms. Tired of looking through stacks of paper for a specific client’s number for a specific sub-trade? Don’t spend any more time increasing your costs of managing paper and filing files alphabetically. Now you can save time and money by going paperless. It’s that easy!

Workflow Management

Having a well-defined workflow within your business is critical for driving accountability, transparency, and more importantly efficiency. Through automation and simplicity, DASH’s workflow builder and compliance manager has been helping restoration companies of all sizes become top performers in their market. The days of guessing and managing each carrier KPI are long gone. DASH’s workflow builder simply sets them up once, allowing users to focus entirely on their jobs. Keep up with all the important performance metrics that help you drive more business.

Transparent Marketing

Does your office receive multiple calls from property managers, homeowners, and adjusters looking for information on specific jobs? What if we could change that problem and ultimately save your company time and money. We want DASH View to become your free virtual assistant. It will automatically inform all of the responsible parties of important job updates, loss photos, notes entered, and documents. Why waste time burying information in file folders when instead you can promote transparency and accountability to improve your customer service and ultimately drive more business through the door.

Power of Mobility

Does it make sense to have your project managers return to the office to complete tasks that could easily be done on location? With increasing technology at our fingertips and customers demanding information at the speed of now, leveraging the power of mobility for your business is guaranteed ROI. Restoration companies can rise to the top of the competition by using mobile technology to increase overall productivity. DASH’s native mobile app gives users the power to update Xactanalysis and important job information directly on-site in real time.

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