Testimonials - Restoration Contractor Success

Success in Restoration is earned. It's more easily earned with a Restoration Management Software.

“What makes our restoration software the key to contractor success?”

  • Matthew Hensley Total Restoration
  • Adam Beck Arcus Restoration
  • Chris Corder Coastal Restoration
  • Rick Swango Rainbow International - Junction City, KS
  • "Allows everything to be in one place, improves communication and increases productivity."

    Mike Crebs Service Team of Professionals
  • It's an easy way to keep everyone in the loop and on schedule. Very useful.

    Cassandra Rockwood Rainbow International of Tacoma
  • "Paperless, clean and organized, all projects at my fingertips in one spot. That's awesome, thanks!"

    Ron V. Paul Davis Restoration Southern NH & Maine
  • "It's easy and quick and mobile."

    Missie Medley Georgia Water and Fire Restoration
  • Tyler Pattat ServiceMaster - Cordova, TN
  • After having done some training with the program, it is very user friendly. Using it as my main tool for managing jobs is now second nature.

    Simon Jodouin Paul Davis Calgary
  • We have utilized Moisture Mapper since 2007 and view the software program as an "asset" for the water mitigation industry; supporting professional standards and guidelines. Moisture Mapper management is well known in the industry and welcomes constructive feedback. We will continue to leverage Moisture Mapper for that reason along with the professional documentation it provides.

    Chris Silliman First Restoration Services of Asheville NC