Strong Culture Looks More Like a Sports Team Than a Family

Hosted by Garret Gray, President & CEO – Next Gear Solutions

Webinar - Sports Team Culture

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Webinar Description

​​Join Next Gear Solutions and Garret Gray for a webinar focused on how moving your company from a family culture to a sports team culture will align more closely to the realities of a successful restoration business and provide a framework for winning. Garret Gray’s experience and perspective will change the way you look at your company’s culture and inspire you to start making positive changes in the direction of a sports team culture.

Learn what a family culture model looks like in comparison to a sports team culture model:

  • The family model suggests a lack of choice
  • We don’t always hold family members accountable
  • Teams have one goal and members understand their responsibilities
  • Coaching a team is expected and desired
  • Team members are held accountable by the coach and by other teammates

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