Welcome to the Next Gear Family

We would like to welcome you to the Next Gear family. We know you are interested in what is next for Luxor CRM, so we are inviting you to join a webinar hosted by Next Gear Solutions’ CEO, Garret Gray, and Luxor CRM’s founder, Lukas Szczurowski. This webinar will be hosted on Tuesday, January 31, from 2:00 – 3:00pm CST and again on Wednesday, February 1, from 10:00 – 11:00am CST. Please choose the date and time that work best for you.
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We have also compiled a list of questions and answers that we feel will be beneficial to you, so please take some time to read through them. If you have any additional questions that you feel we have not addressed, please attend the webinar and ask them during our Q&A session.


What will happen to my software?

Next Gear will continue to support and develop the Luxor CRM platform, selling it side-by-side with Next Gear’s other restoration-focused product suite. Next Gear believes that the future is bright for Luxor CRM as a salesforce automation platform that continues to focus on the specifics of sales and marketing in the restoration space.

Why is Next Gear Solutions buying Luxor CRM?

While Next Gear has offered a client tracking module within the DASH suite, developing a standalone platform to drive effectiveness of restoration sales leaders and their teams has been attractive to NGS for some time. Combining Luxor’s thought leadership with the resources of Next Gear will allow the combined team to take salesforce automation to a new level. We believe that an integrated DASH and Luxor CRM will allow restoration firms to achieve their growth potential without compromising their service quality.

What will happen to my software support?

Next Gear takes tremendous pride in how it supports customers. Now that Luxor CRM clients are part of the Next Gear family, our goal is to provide the same level of support to the entire Luxor community. Soon, we will be adding ‘Click to Chat Support,’ which allows for quick and easy training and issue resolution, along with call and email support 24/7/365.

Am I going to have to move to DASH?

Luxor will continue to operate as a standalone product. You will not be required to be on DASH in order to transform your selling organization with Luxor CRM. With that being said, the closest integration and the most effective software package for running your whole business will be the combination of DASH and Luxor CRM. For a limited time, we will be offering special promotional pricing for current Luxor CRM clients to add DASH’s job management module.
Existing Luxor clients will be able to continue to use their current job management module and functionality for the foreseeable future, but the best experience and results will come from the integrated DASH/Luxor suite.

What if I want to add DASH for job management?

Adding DASH as your job management system is highly recommended and Next Gear Solutions is committed to help in this process. Soon, we will be providing details around promotional pricing for current Luxor clients that wish to add Next Gear’s DASH as their job management system. In the meantime, if you’d like to speak to someone to learn more about DASH and what it can do for your business, please send an email to upgrades@nextgearsolutions.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Are new features going to continue to be released?

Yes. Since we are keeping and expanding the Luxor platform, Next Gear Solutions is excited to continue innovating in the restoration CRM space. In the immediate future, development items may be less visible to you, because we will be focused on data security to meet evergrowing requirements of the insurance industry. Once security has been addressed, you can expect a return to feature releases that will allow the Luxor CRM platform to continue to lead the restoration industry in salesforce automation.

Will I experience more frequent downtime?

Next Gear knows very well that the restoration world is a 24/7/365 business and you can rest assured that uptime and overall system stability are highly important to the Next Gear team. Not only will we monitor the system for performance and uptime, we will also be here 24/7/365 to support you through the in-application chat button, phone, and email. Look for more information on this soon.

Is my price going to go up?

There are no immediate pricing changes planned for the current version of Luxor CRM. Those who choose to add DASH Enterprise’s job management system will incur a monthly fee for DASH. However, for a limited time, we will be offering discounts to Luxor customers who add
DASH. The sales team will reach out to you soon with more information on this.

Am I going to have to sign a contract?

There is no plan to force customers into a new contract. Your current agreement with Luxor still stands and we are not requiring anyone to sign a new contract as a result of this acquisition. There may be opportunities in the future for some customers to secure special pricing by agreeing to a contract term, but this will be voluntary.

Will my integrations stay the same?

No changes to integrations are planned. Next Gear is required to do regular reviews of all integrations to make sure they comply with our data security standards and make adjustments accordingly. Any change to integration functionality will be communicated well in advance.

What will training look like going forward?

Like the 24/7/365 Support team, Next Gear has a robust training infrastructure. We will be working hard to bring those resources to the Luxor CRM community soon. These resources include on-demand training services and Next Gear University’s online learning system.

What will happen to the Luxor CRM management?

We are excited to welcome the entire Luxor team to Next Gear. Lukas Szczuroski will continue to be an instrumental voice in the direction of our CRM product roadmap and will join the Next Gear team as our Vice President of Sales. Jeff Brettell will be highly influential
in ensuring consistent service delivery to the Luxor community. He will be creating a goforward strategy to take advantage of Next Gear’s resources and then get those training resources in the hands of Luxor users. We also plan to retain the full Luxor development staff, ensuring that projects do not fall by the wayside as a result of the acquisition.