Welcome to the Next Gear Family

We would like to welcome you to the Next Gear family. We know you are interested in what is next for Luxor CRM, so we have compiled a list of questions and answers that we feel will be beneficial to you. Please take some time to read through them. If you have any additional questions that you feel we have not addressed, please feel free to reach out to us.


What will happen to Luxor now that they have been aquired by a company whose main focus is the restoration industry?

This aquisition is the beginning of a side-by-side partnership between Next Gear Solutions and Luxor. Next Gear sees the value in a standalone CRM software in its suite of solutions and will continue to develop functionality specific to CRM. This will in turn enable any company interested in salsforce automation to progress, regardless of their industry. Next Gear is committed to all of Luxor’s customers, not just the restoration-based customers.

What will happen to my software?

Next Gear will continue to support and develop the Luxor CRM platform, selling it side-by-side with Next Gear’s other product suite. Next Gear believes that the future is bright for Luxor CRM as a salesforce automation platform that continues to focus on the specifics of sales and marketing both in and out of the restoration space.

Why is Next Gear Solutions buying Luxor CRM?

While Next Gear has offered a client tracking module within the existing software suite, developing a standalone platform to drive effectiveness of sales leaders and their teams has been attractive to Next Gear for some time. Combining Luxor’s thought leadership with the resources of Next Gear will allow the combined team to take salesforce automation to a new level.

What will happen to my software support?

Next Gear takes tremendous pride in how it supports customers. Now that Luxor CRM clients are part of the Next Gear family, our goal is to provide the same level of support to the entire Luxor community. Soon, we will be adding ‘Click to Chat Support,’ which allows for quick and easy training and issue resolution, along with call and email support 24/7/365.

Are new features going to continue to be released?

Yes. Since we are keeping and expanding the Luxor platform, Next Gear Solutions is excited to continue innovating the CRM space. In the immediate future, development items may be less visible to you, because we will be focused on data security to meet ever-growing requirements of the insurance industry. Once security has been addressed, you can expect a return to feature releases that will allow the Luxor CRM platform to continue to lead in salesforce automation.
Please rest assured that future releases will benefit everyone who uses Luxor, not just restoration customers. Non-restoration customers will still benefit from all future releases.

Will I experience more frequent downtime?

You can rest assured that uptime and overall system stability are highly important to the Next Gear team. Not only will we monitor the system for performance and uptime, we will also be here 24/7/365 to support you through the in-application chat button, phone, and email. Look for more information on this soon.

Is my price going to go up?

There are no immediate pricing changes planned for the current version of Luxor CRM.

Am I going to have to sign a contract?

There is no plan to force customers into a new contract. Your current agreement still stands with Luxor and we are not requiring anyone to sign a new contract as a result of this acquisition.

Will my integrations stay put?

No changes to integrations are planned. Next Gear is required to do regular reviews of all integrations to make sure they comply with our data security standards and make adjustments accordingly. Any change to integration functionality will be communicated well in advance.