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We’re continuously working to improve your user experience and make your job easier, so you can help more people in their time of need. Here are all of the latest and greatest enhancements released to DASH that we think you’ll be excited about.


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DASH Inventory in MICA Mobile

Efficient, accurate, and convenient equipment management from field to office.

You can now do even more with your equipment inventory in DASH through MICA Mobile. Assign and pick up equipment by location, sort by equipment type, and scan barcodes from your mobile device for fast and easy processing in the field. Updates made in mobile are automatically reflected in DASH, saving your teams time and money.

DocuSketch Integration

Manage all project files with the click of a button.

Link DocuSketch 3D documentation and sketches directly to the job file in DASH Enterprise and Mobile. Simply click the button to add or edit the URL and enhance your documentation with immersive visuals of the loss site. Maintaining a comprehensive job file ensures you have strong visual evidence to support your estimates and keep your projects running smoothly.

Tags in DASH Mobile

Categorize and sort projects with ease.

Adding tags to job files with DASH Mobile v3.17.27 is a powerful way to categorize and sort projects. Assign tags like CAT type, property specifics, hazard warnings, and more from your mobile device with automatic updates to the master job file to keep everyone informed. Analyze tag data with BI Reporting to identify trends and inform your decisions.

Estimate Tracker

Efficiently review, track, and share estimates.

You can now do even more within Estimate Tracker. We’ve added the ability to filter and sort estimates, view them as PDFs, and send them instantly. The Direction field is now next to the New Estimate field to easily compare directional changes or export all line-item differences to Excel. To give the tool a cleaner appearance, we’ve also streamlined the options in the Sent To and Approved By.

Job Slideboard

Easily see important job info in one place.

With brand-new page navigation icons that allow you to click and jump, along with better than ever accounting functionality, the reimagined job management hub makes your job more efficient. You can now view Working Gross Profit % in the Accounting Information section and click hyperlinks to view full accounting details. Adding custom tags to your jobs can also be done right from this page.

Payments Dashboard

View payment info across all jobs.

Now you can filter by employee/internal participant and view by a specific time period, so you can identify how much each individual is bringing in and when. With your data already in the platform, we created the Payments Dashboard page to quickly and easily see payment information in one place and pull the reports you need.


The calendar view puts planning, scheduling and tasks all in one place.

A robust calendar available on both desktop and mobile allows users to create, assign and view generic events, marketing tasks, and job-specific tasks.

Generic Notifications

Never miss a beat. Ensure no change goes unnoticed with automatic alerts.

Instant notifications keep everyone up-to-date. So when someone makes a critical change, like adding new participants to a job, creating a new job, or updating dates, you’re all in the know.

Custom Participants

Customize participants associated with a job with unprecedented system flexibility.

Adding, editing, and viewing internal and external participants creates a powerful centralized location for technicians to access important contacts for a job. Send emails or make phone calls to any associated participant (e.g., Insurance Carrier, Broker, Property Manager, etc.) directly in the app.

Custom Tags

Organize jobs the way you want.

Tagging is a simple way to associate a word or phrase to a project and easily classify for sorting and reporting. Tagging jobs with labels such as the name of an event or CAT creates an easy way to categorize and sort by types of work. Later, search for these tags to create unique views into your business, spot trends, and perform analysis.

Scheduler Enhancements

Keep everyone in the loop with up-to-date schedules that you can easily share.

Conveniently view all work orders, work hours, budget, and assignees of complete or in-progress work. The scheduler allows users to view by day, week, or month in chronological order to evaluate milestones efficiently. Exporting to PDF also makes it easy to share with customers.

Create a Claim in Next Gear Mobile

Create and share a job or claim right from the job site to keep everyone updated.

Document damage, or jot down conversation highlights with the policyholder to keep everyone up-to-date. Ditch the paper and note-taking for a convenient mobile job and claim creation application. Easily create a new job or claim while at the job site and attach all necessary photos, notes, and documentation, saving you time and money.

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