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MICA: Water Mitigation Management Software for Professional Restorers

MICA is water mitigation’s leading desktop solution that delivers better results and maximizes compliance with a streamlined standardized mitigation process.

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What is MICA?

MICA is a water damage restoration software that streamlines, standardizes, and simplifies the water mitigation loss documentation process to increase accuracy, compliance, and efficiency.

Compliance Task Manager

Guided compliance task manager standardizes and optimizes claims processes to better meet each unique requirement.

Automatic Updates

Help ensure compliance and minimize errors with integrated, automatic updates of important carrier requirements.

Equipment Documentation

Calculate and log daily updates, track run times, and promote proper drying with equipment usage documentation.

Compliance Verification

Validate the scope of estimates with integrated S500 compliance verification in your project documentation.

Photo / Video Management

In-app functionality of Mitigate lets you easily document property aspects of the property loss and progress of dry out, automatically share notes, and free up space with secure cloud storage.

Electronic Forms

Secure electronic forms make it simple to collect signatures and share files—no need for paper!

Offline Functionality

Let your team work when offline, with automatic data syncing when connectivity is restored.

Customized Reports

Easy-to-generate project reports are comprehensively detailed, consistent, and cohesive, allowing you to tell the story of the restoration process.

Third-party Integrations

Mitigate’s seamless third-party program integrations help ensure that your workflow needs are met.

Homeowner Communication

Close the communication gap with homeowners: upload photos, track on-time arrivals, and get real-time feedback on every job.

Here’s what our customers have to say Case Studies
Part of our growth story must include technology. We’ve embraced technology as a company, and that will be the backbone that helps drive us toward our goals. Adam Beck Arcus Restoration
After having done some training with the program, it is very user friendly. Using it as my main tool for managing jobs is now second nature. Simon Jodouin Paul Davis Calgary
Paperless, clean and organized, all projects at my fingertips in one spot. That's awesome, thanks! Ron V. Paul Davis Restoration Southern NH & Maine
Allows everything to be in one place, improves communication and increases productivity. Mike Crebs Service Team of Professionals
We don’t plan on stopping to grow and we know DASH can take us to as big as we want to be. Chris Conover C&B Complete Cleaning and Construction

Your Data. Our Secure Platform.

Mitigate is a water mitigation software that has earned the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s (AICPA) SOC 2 Type II certification, demonstrating CoreLogic’s commitment to maintaining strong security controls and data protection practices. The SOC 2 Type II certification goes a step further, confirming not only the most advanced security protocols are in place, but that they are operationally effective, with features and functionality such as password management, two-factor authentication, disaster recovery, encryption and more. With this certification, customers can trust that their sensitive data is being handled securely and in accordance with the most stringent industry standards.

Top Features of MICA Water Damage Restoration Software


Guided Compliance

  • Standardized step-by-step process
  • Increase accuracy
  • Increase compliance and speed up approvals
mica photovideo

In-App Photo and Video

Easily and quickly document loss evidence and automatically share notes with in-app functionality

  • Easily attach documentation to projects
  • Add notes and tags for clarity and comprehensiveness
  • Securely upload to the cloud without taking up device space

Psychrometric and Moisture Data

  • Calculate and log daily readings
  • Timestamped reporting for accuracy
  • Real-time updates from field to office

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