Water Mitigation Management

What is Moisture Mapper?


For years, Moisture Mapper was the go-to solution for professional restorers needing a cloud-based method to document and report on their water mitigation projects.

While Next Gear Solutions will continue to support our customers currently using Moisture Mapper, we are officially transitioning new customers to the use of MICA.

MICA is the restoration industry’s leading water mitigation software, and draws from the most up-to-date IICRC drying standards to ensure that every mitigation job is performed accurately, efficiently, and follows industry best practices.


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Q: I’m a Moisture Mapper user; do I have to switch programs?

A: No. All current Moisture Mapper customers can continue to use this program for the foreseeable future if it suits their needs and workflows.


Q: I’ve heard good things about Moisture Mapper and want to use it in my restoration business; can it still be purchased?

A: No. We are no longer signing up new customers for Moisture Mapper. May we instead suggest MICA? We developed MICA based on the success of Moisture Mapper; it’s being actively supported and developed with updated IICRC standards, has improved room-sketching capabilities, it makes it easy to send your estimate to Xactimate, and it integrates seamlessly with our comprehensive platform of associated digital tools that help you run a consistently smarter business.


Q: I’m a current Moisture Mapper customer; is there any downside to continuing to use it?

A: We’re delighted that Moisture Mapper continues to deliver what you need in your restoration business. While Next Gear will continue to support our customers who want to continue using Moisture Mapper, there are no future enhancements planned.


Q: I’m a current Moisture Mapper customer; should I switch to MICA?

A: While it’s not necessary, we do recommend considering a switch to MICA. Not only is the program being actively developed and improved, but MICA makes it easy to send your estimate to Xactimate, has improved room-sketching capabilities, and integrates seamlessly with our suite of other job management tools.


Q: I’m interested in exploring MICA a bit further; now what?

A: Schedule a consultation with one of our MICA experts. We will walk you through every step of the process as you decide if MICA is right for you.